Information about Staffordshire Wedding Photographer Glyn T Jones Photography

Glyn T Jones Photography is owned and ran by me, Glyn Jones. This is a brief history of how I became one of the top wedding photographers around the Staffordshire and West Midlands regions. I have always been interested in all things photographic from my early days of growing up in the small town of Burntwood in Staffordshire.

Although the photography interest was there, the seed was well and truly planted when at aged around seven I was given a Kodak Brownie 110 camera as a birthday gift, this is where my passion as a photographer really began. I was forever pointing my little camera at my family members faces, often blinding them with the one use disposable flip flash system that clipped onto this camera. Of course, back in these days we had to wait about three weeks for the postman to return the photograph prints from the lab to see the results of how we had captured these images.

It soon became apparent that my passion lay in photographing people, portrait photography. This is a strong passion that I have carried with me throughout my life since.

It was in early adult life that this love of people photography became something more, friends and family soon began asking me to photograph portrait images of their children. Then came the early start of event photography, photographing people at their family parties. It had now become inevitable that my professional life would eventually lie in becoming a full time professional photographer.

This in turn, lead me to get myself educated with some formal photography training to gain the knowledge and the skills needed to carry out this work for paying clients. This training took place  around my full time job, during evenings, weekends and holidays. This training saw me photographing more and more weddings on a part time basis.

As the bookings for wedding and portrait photography flowed in, the decision was made to become a full time photographer, and start my own wedding and portrait photography business. I have not looked back since this decision.

The photographic equipment has changed massively over these years, my passion for producing picture perfect photographs of people has not. I am still as enthusiastic and excited by the honour at being chosen to record once in a lifetime events for people on important days, such as their wedding day. I understand fully that being entrusted to record these memories is an important role to be placed in, but my skill, knowledge and passion has never let me down in all my years as a wedding photographer.

I have captured hundreds of weddings all over the Staffordshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire areas and have built up a wide following of happy clients that return time and time again for portrait photography after I have provided their wedding photography.

This, I believe is how I secured my standing as one of the top Staffordshire providers of wedding Photography.