Christchurch Burntwood Wedding Photography of Stephen and Michaela.

On Saturday 30th August we enjoyed providing the Burntwood wedding photography for Michaela and Stephen on their special day. As they live in our town of Burntwood, Michaela & Stephen had chosen to hold their wedding at Christchurch in the Staffordshire town. This is a very picturesque church that is always a pleasure to work at, largely due to the very relaxed and friendly vicar of this wedding venue.

We arrived at Burntwoods Christchurch at around 3pm as arranged, and set about taking various light readings in the cloudy August weather that we were experiencing.  Just after 3pm Stephen arrived looking very smartly dressed, and looking exceptionally relaxed. We made sure we photographed Stephen along with his bestman, and other members of the groomsmen as they welcomed the guests arriving for the marriage ceremony.

The wedding congregation soon moved inside the Burntwood church to take their seats, as the bride Michaela was soon to arrive.

We now saw a gleaming white limousine wedding car in the distance making its way up Church Road, and stopping outside the wedding venue. The doors were opened, and out climbed the three bridesmaids who looked amazing dressed in their coral pink dresses, along with the two small pageboys looking very smartly dressed in their little grey suits. It was now time to lean inside the wedding car to greet Michaela, and to photograph her inside the huge limousine. Michaela was sat inside looking absolutely stunning, she was wearing a beautiful white flowing wedding dress, a real princess. We made sure that the bridal party were photographed with the wedding car, for inclusion into the couples wedding album.

Burntwood Wedding Photography

The Bridal party made their way into the church, and down the aisle to the waiting Stephen for the wedding to take place. The marriage ceremony went perfectly, with few moments of humour from the vicar. Stephen and Michaela were now officially married, and introduced as the brand new Mr and Mrs Mcnamara.

The bridal party were now instructed to sign the wedding register, before this wedding differed from the normal ceremony. As the newlyweds had decided not to have a wedding reception, they now held a wedding cake cutting ceremony in the church for their family and friends. It was then time for a surprise for the newlyweds from the vicar, she announced that she was going to play a song that was very special to Stephen and Michaela, and that she wanted them to perform their first dance to this piece of music right there in the church. It was clear to see that this came as a shock to them both, however they duly obliged and danced for the congregation.

It was now time to head out into the church grounds for the traditional wedding photography to take place. We photographed various family groups as they celebrated with the newlyweds as they all enjoyed a glass or two of bucks fizz that was being served by the church staff.

We now spent some time photographing Stephen and Michaela together in some more informal portrait photographs for their wedding album, while the guests munched on the wedding cake.

Christchurch Burntwood Wedding Photography

It now seemed very fitting for us to get the newlyweds a piece of their wedding cake, so that we could photograph them feeding it to each other.

Burntwood Wedding Photography

The wedding congregation now moved into the Burntwood churches gatehouse ready to shower the couple heavily with confetti, obviously all of this was well photographed for Stephen and Michaela to cherish forever.

It was now time for the lovely newlyweds to leave the church to go for a quiet drink with close family members to celebrate their marriage. It was made sure that their departure from the church was made in style, as they were driven away in a gleaming white BMW M3.

Burntwood Wedding Photography, Christchurch, Staffordshire

We would like to wish Stephen and Michaela a very long, very healthy, and exceptionally happy life together as husband and wife.

We would also like to thank them for choosing us as their professional wedding photographers for their Burntwood wedding.  

As usual, a slection of the wedding photographs from this beautiful wedding, will be added to my wedding gallery once they have been viewed by Stephen and Michaela.