Lichfield Wedding Photography Captured by Staffordshire Photographer

Friday September 20th saw Staffordshire wedding photographer Glyn T Jones providing the Lichfield wedding photography for Burntwood couple Andy and Sue. They had chosen to hold their wedding ceremony at Lichfield Registry Office, this is lovely wedding venue set in the beautiful landscaped gardens of the Staffordshire towns Beacon Park, and just over the road from the Memorial gardens that are set in the shadows of the towns famous three spires of the cathedral.

We arrived at the Burntwood home of the couple to photograph the final stages of the bridal preparation of Sue and the rest of her bridal party. We went into the garden into the beautiful sunshine on this September day for the wedding photography to begin. We photographed the whole bridal party along with the newborn baby boy who was just a couple of weeks old. Sue looked stunning in her beautiful white wedding dress with her red rose bridal bouquet.

Pre-wedding Photography in Burntwood Staffordshire

It was now time for us to leave Burntwood, and head for Lichfield ready to greet Andy, our groom, along with his groomsmen. As the Groomsmen walked towards Lichfield Registry Office they were easy to spot. They had all dressed very smartly for the occasion, however Six of them were dressed in full traditional Scottish dress, Six men wearing kilts stand out against the crowd in Lichfield.  This scene was photographed for the wedding album, while the expected questions and banter was being thrown about by the party, mainly due to the fact that two members of party had refused to wear a kilt for the occasion. The groomsmen, and the gathered guests now moved inside the Lichfield wedding venue as Sue the bride was expected very soon.

Sue soon arrived in an immaculate Range Rover complete with ribbons, this was all photographed, along with the full bridal party lined up outside the registry office. All seemed very calm and relaxed while they were waiting to be called in for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony was a perfect occasion, as is always the case at Lichfield Registry Office. It wasn’t long before the wedding congregation were ushered out of the venue and into the gardens of Beacon Park. The gardens were beautiful at this time of year, filled with colour from the many flower beds all filled with a wide variety of flowers. This made a perfect backdrop for the traditional wedding photography to take place.

We started to photograph the group photography, including the traditional showering of confetti that rained down on the newlyweds. We then moved down to the smaller family groups, everyone seemed to be enjoying the moment in the Staffordshire sun. It soon became time to pose the newlyweds with all the kilt wearing men, it seemed only fitting to ask them to raise their kilts for a flash as we thought this would make for very unusual and fitting wedding photography of this fun filled wedding. Luckily all of the men had remembered to wear shorts underneath their kilts. We now had the men lift Sue the stunning bride up for a photograph as this wedding party were definitely making this occasion as much fun as possible.

Lichfield Wedding Photography in Beacon Park

We now spent some time with the brand new newlyweds capturing some beautiful portrait style photography of them. We crossed over the road into the Memorial Gardens to photograph the happy couple in front of the towering three spires of Lichfield Cathedral, as well as in front of the very picturesque Minster Pool.

Lichfield Wedding Photography

The brand new Mr and Mrs McRobbie now headed back to Burntwood to the Nags Head for their wedding reception. Here we photographed them some more with their wedding cake, and dressed venue before leaving them to party the night away to celebrate the marriage with all of their loved ones.

We are looking forward to adding a selection of these wedding photographs to our wedding gallery in due course, once they have been seen by the lovely couple.

We thank Andy and Sue for choosing us to capture their Lichfield wedding photography for them on their big day. We also would like to wish them a long, healthy and happy life together as husband and wife.