Professional Wedding Photography At Lord Hill Hotel Shrewsbury

Saturday 21st May saw us travelling to Shrewsbury to photograph the wedding of Sam and Evie. They had chosen to hold their wedding at the Lord Hill Hotel which is set in a 19th century house just outside the town.

We arrived at the venue at around 9am, and made our way into the bridal suite where Evie and her bridal party were gathered having their hair styled and their make-up applied. Evie wanted bridal preparation photography at various stages as she got ready for her big day.  The whole bridal party seemed very relaxed and they were clearly enjoying the morning together.

We made our way downstairs to await the arrival of bridegroom Sam along with his best man and groomsmen. Sam seemed very calm and happily posed for photographs both inside, and outside the wedding venue.

It was now time for us to return to Evie to photograph her being fastened into her stunning white wedding dress along with a huge veil. Once ready Evie looked truly beautiful and still very calm while she waited for her father to come upstairs and see her in her wedding dress for the first time.

Bridal Portrait Photography At Lord Hill Hotel Shrewsbury

It was now quickly approaching 2pm, the time the wedding ceremony was taking place, so Evie made her way downstairs into the conservatory where Sam was waiting for her at the end of the red carpet. The ceremony was an emotional time for Evie, as well as a few of the family members of the congregation. Sam and Evie exchanged rings, and were officially announced as husband and wife to a great applause from everyone present.

Wedding Ceremony Photography At Lord Hill Hotel Shrewsbury

The newlyweds now led their loved ones out of the conservatory, where we gave them a few minutes with their family and friends who were all very eager to congratulate them.  Sadly the weather had not been kind to Sam and Evie, it had been raining all day. This didn’t dampen their special day at all though, they both took it in their stride and were more than happy to go outside in the rain.

We photographed the formal wedding photography infront of the hotel, were Sam and Evie were covered with probably the heaviest showering of confetti that I have ever seen. We now photographed the various family members with the newlywed couple infront of the hotel on the red carpet that the wedding venue had kindly put down to stop Evie from getting her beautiful wedding dress wet and dirty.

We now spent a few minutes photographing Sam and Evie in their traditional romantic wedding portraits, both in the hotels grounds, as well as in the nearby gardens

Professional Wedding Photography In Shrewsbury Shropshire

It was now time for the wedding breakfast so the guests took their places at the tables before the brand new Mr and Mrs Holmes were introduced into the room. Traditional speeches were performed first, before everyone was treated to the wedding meal.

We returned to the Shrewsbury wedding venue at around 7pm to carry on the official wedding photography for Sam and Evie, who had arranged for an ice cream van to attend the wedding with free ice creams for everyone. This made for very unique wedding photography, especially when Sam climbed inside and served his new wife with an ice cream.

Unique Wedding Photography Captured In Shrewsbury

At around 8.30pm Sam and Evie were announced onto the dancefloor to cut their wedding cake, and also perform the traditional first dance infront of all their loved ones.

First Dance At Lord Hill Hotel Shrewsbury

We would like to thanks Sam and Evie for choosing us to photograph their important day for them. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish them a very long, very happy, and very healthy life together as husband and wife.