Norton Canes Church Wedding Photography Of Luke And Kelly

Saturday 24th September we were the professional wedding photographers for the marriage of Luke and Kelly. The Staffordshire wedding venue for the ceremony was to be the church of St James The Great in the village of Norton Canes, followed by the wedding reception at The Aquarius in Hednesford. We knew Kelly and her family very well, having already provided the wedding photography for Katie and Sonia who are both sisters to Kelly.

We arrived at the Norton Canes Church to await the arrival of bridegroom Luke along with his groomsmen. Luke soon arrived looking very smart dressed in a black suit complete with dickie bow tie. Luke was clearly very nervous at this point, so after photographing him outside the church we left him to greet the guests that had now started to arrive.

A huge white limousine wedding car was soon pulling into the street bringing Kelly and her bridal party to her wedding venue. Once Luke was safely out of sight inside the church we set about photographing Kelly and her bridesmaids, both inside, and outside the wedding car. Kelly looked truly beautiful in her strapless wedding dress complete with veil.

Staffordshire Professional Wedding Photography

Once a few photographs had been taken, Kelly made her way through the church yard, to the church entrance along with her very proud looking father, closely followed by her six bridesmaids. After a short pause in the church doorway to organise themselves, Kelly started to make her way down the church aisle to meet Luke at the alter.

St James The Great Church Norton Canes Wedding Photography

The marriage ceremony ran perfectly and was thoroughly enjoyed by the wedding congregation who had been invited to the church. Once Luke and Kelly had been officially named as husband and wife, and had signed the wedding register, they led the congregation back up the aisle out of the church, where all of their loved ones congratulated them.

It was now time for us to capture the traditional wedding photography for the newlyweds to include in their wedding album. This was all photographed using the Norton Canes church as a backdrop. Once most of the traditional photographs had been captured, everyone moved outside the church gates to shower the newlyweds with confetti.

As the wedding guests started to leave to make their way to the reception, we spent a short while alone with Luke and Kelly to photograph some romantic portrait photographs of them enjoying their special day, and each others company outside the church.

Professional Wedding Photography In Norton Canes Staffordshire

After a short time the happy couple made their way back to the limousine wedding car to sip champagne while they made their way to The Aquarius in Hednesford for their wedding reception to begin.

St James The Great Wedding Photography, Norton Canes, Staffordshire

Upon arrival at their wedding reception we made sure we photographed the happy couple in their beautifully decorated room, and with their stunning three tier wedding cake, before leaving them alone to enjoy their special afternoon with their loved ones.

We returned to the Hednesford venue again in the evening to photograph as Luke and Kelly took to the dance floor to perform their first dance together as husband and wife. This dance was performed underneath a huge popping balloon. Once this was popped it showered the dancing couple with smaller balloons and lots of confetti.

Newlyweds First Dance Photographed At The Aquarius Ballroom, Hednesford, Staffordshire

It was now time for us to leave the newlyweds to party hard with their family and friends late into the night.

We would like to wish Luke and Kelly a very happy, very healthy and very long life together as husband and wife.

We would also like to thank them for choosing us to photograph their very important day for them.

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