Tamworth Wedding Photography Of Ricky And Lian

Friday 31st October saw us providing the professional Tamworth wedding photography for Ricky and Lian on their Halloween themed wedding day. The wedding venue that they had chosen to host their wedding was The Tamworth Castle Hotel that is set just on the edge of the grounds of the Staffordshire towns medieval castle.  This is a very popular Tamworth wedding venue that we always enjoy photographing weddings at.

We arrived at Ricky and Lians Tamworth wedding venue at around 10am as arranged, and made our way up to the hotel room that Lian and her bridal party were using to get themselves ready for the day ahead.  We found Lian in a very calm and relaxed state of mind, so we set about taking some pre-wedding photography of her bridal preparations, before making our way to find Ricky, our bridegroom.

Bridal Preparation photography

We found Ricky outside the front entrance of the wedding venue, he was very visibly nervous, but he was more than happy to pose for a few photographs along with his bestman for the day. Ricky looked great dressed in his purple suit, he had even had the front of his hair dyed purple to match the colour scheme of the day.

Tamworth Wedding Photography

We again made our way up to Lian, to photograph her being laced in to her stunning black strapless wedding dress by her bridesmaid. The bridal party now made their way downstairs into the reception area of the Tamworth hotel where we photographed them all some more. Lian looked beautiful in her black wedding dress carrying a stunning bouquet of various flowers all showing Autumn colours. The bridesmaids all looked amazing dressed in their orange and black bridal gowns, also each carrying a wedding bouquet. The full bridal party now made their way to the Hotels Tudor Suite where the marriage ceremony was taking place.

The wedding ceremony was a lovely service.  The love between Ricky and Lian was clearly plain to see as they vowed their love and commitment to each other before exchanging rings.

Wedding Ceremony At Tamworth Castle Hotel

The congregation followed the newlyweds up the aisle to the foyer area of the Tudor Suite, where Ricky and Lian lined up to greet each and every one of their guests. The whole of the wedding congregation now moved outside in to the beautiful landscaped gardens of Tamworth Castle for the traditional wedding photography to take place. Here everyone happily posed for a formal group shot, before showering the newlyweds with confetti. It was now time for us to photograph the various family groups with Ricky and Lian for them to include in their wedding album.

It was now time for us to capture some relaxed informal portrait styled wedding photography of Ricky and Lian, this was done at many of the picturesque locations around the gardens of the castle grounds. As well as the usual wedding photographs, Ricky and Lian wanted more unusual, quirky side to their photography to fit in with the Halloween theme that they had chosen for their special day. This made for a great mix of images for them to display in their wedding album.

Tamworth Wedding Photography

Once all the photography had been completed we left the newlyweds to enjoy, along with all their guests a three course wedding breakfast, along with the traditional wedding speeches.

We returned to the Tamworth wedding venue on the evening to photograph the cake cutting, and first dance ceremonies. All of the couples guests had really gotten into the spirit of the theme, and were all dressed in amazing Halloween fancy dress. We even had a 12 foot fairy walking around the venue on stilts covered in fairy lights!

It was soon time to cut the wedding cake. This was no normal wedding cake though, it followed the Halloween theme. It was a three tiered cake depicting a castle, flames, tarot cards, and sugar skulls, but there was more to it than that. Once the top tier of the cake was cut by the newlyweds it oozed fake blood which dripped heavily over the lower tears.

Wedding Cake Cutting At Tamworth Wedding Venue

Ricky and Lian now moved straight to the dance floor to perform the first dance to a song that was sung by Trevor their entertainer, he had cleverly changed some of the words to the song to include Ricky and Lians names, much to the delight of the large number of family and friends present.

Newlyweds First Dance Photography

We now left the lovely newlywed couple to enjoy their evening in the company of the many zombies, vampires, and ghostly dressed guests.

We would like to wish Ricky and Lian a very long, healthy, and happy life together as husband and wife.

We would also like to thank them for choosing Glyn T Jones Photography to provide them with their Tamworth wedding photography. It was defiantly a one off wedding that we shall always remember fondly.

A selection of images from this wedding will be displayed in my wedding gallery once they have been seen by Ricky and Lian.