The Cannock Wedding of Phil & Ann (the new Mr & Mrs Murphy)

The Cannock, Staffordshire wedding of Mr & Mrs Murphy.

Glyn T Jones Photography spent Saturday in the lovely October sunshine shooting the Cannock wedding photography for Phil and Ann at the Ramada Hotel that towers over the Staffordshire town.

We arrived at the Cannock, Staffordshire hotel at 2.30 pm and made our way up to the eleventh floor to the suite that Ann was using for her bridal preparation. Our bride was very calm and relaxed while having her hair and make-up done by a local beautician, as well as dressing the couples two boys into their very cute looking suits. We photographed all of this scene in an non intrusive reportage style, as well as photographing Ann being laced into her beautiful ivory and ruby wedding dress by her bridesmaid. Ann was now looking stunning ready for her big day so we captured some lovely wedding photographs of her in portraiture style infront of the huge floor to ceiling window in her hotel suite. This made for lovely photographs with a high viewpoint across Cannock in the background from the Cannock hotels eleventh floor. We now left Ann to enjoy a glass or two of bucks fizz while we went to photograph Phil, our days groom.

We found Phil downstairs in the Cannock wedding venues bar, enjoying a pint with his groomsmen and close family. Every wedding album needs wedding photographs of the groom before the wedding ceremony, so we took Phil outside the Cannock hotels reception to photograph him in various styles both alone, and with his groomsmen around him. The whole grooms party were very relaxed and enjoyed posing for some comedy style photographs that the couple had previously said they would like capturing. We now left Phil to enjoy his drink, and the last few moments of being a single man, with his family. We again returned to Ann upstairs.

We arrived back at Anns hotel suite to find her along with her bridesmaid, both looking stunning, and her father ready to give her hand in marriage. We again used the backdrop of the view across Cannock, and beyond into the Staffordshire countryside to photograph the bridal party, who now seemed a little more nervous.

 It was now time for the civil ceremony to take place, and so the whole wedding congregation moved to the Place De La Legende, the Cannock hotels conference suite. Here the wedding ceremony went off perfectly, run by two of Cannocks registrars. These registrars were a pleasure to work with and were very relaxed on their wedding photography rules, for this we thank them.

Now Phil and Ann had officially became Mr and Mrs Murphy the whole party moved again outside into the Staffordshire sunshine for the formal traditional wedding photography to take place. We chose infront of the hotels reception for this to use its small amount of greenery, and the grand statues of lions that border the entrance. During the wedding photography the congregation seemed to enjoy showering Phil and Ann with a large amount of confetti for us to photograph.

We now spent some time alone with the newlyweds for some loving portraits of them, for their wedding album, in a more relaxed atmosphere. As the time was getting on we were treated to an amazing sunset that made a perfect backdrop to a lot of these wedding photographs. Once the light had faded we headed again into the Cannock wedding venue to carry on photographing the lovely couple. We found a small sofa that was happy to lie on for some unusual wedding photography to take place, both in a serious and a more fun style.

 The wedding guests now returned from the hotel bar into the Cannock function suite to take their seats for the evening reception. Here they were treated to the traditional wedding speeches, were Phils bestman told many stories at Phils expense, even claiming that his true love was Manchester United! The newlyweds now cut their three tier wedding cake, topped off with a charactuer cake topper of both Phil and Ann.

The newlywed couple now performed the first dance infront of their delighted guests, both alone as a couple and as a family with their two young sons. It was now time for the wedding buffet to open for the wedding guests to enjoy, this meant that the official wedding photography was over. We left the wedding reception in full swing as everyone started to party hard into the night.

We would like to wish Phil and Ann a very happy, long, and healthy future together. They are a beautiful couple, and along with their boys a lovely family.

We would also like to thank them for allowing us to be their Staffordshire wedding photographer to capture their Cannock Wedding Photography for them on their wedding day. You were a pleasure to work with.