Cheshire Church Wedding Photography Of Greg And Natalie

Friday 5th December saw professional photographer Glyn T Jones travel out of Staffordshire, and cross the border into the county of Cheshire to photograph a lovely winter wedding.  The couple had arranged to hold their marriage ceremony at St John the Evangelist Church in Sandbach Heath, followed by a wedding reception at The Hunters Lodge Hotel in Crewe.

We arrived at The Hunters Lodge Hotel in Crewe at around 10am as arranged. This was where the bride Natalie, along with her bridal party, had stayed the night before, and were now using the hotel to get ready for the big day ahead.  We found the bridal party in the fox room of the hotel, where they were busy with hairdressers and beauticians. We captured some bridal prep photography of a very calm Natalie, as well as three of her bridesmaids.

Bridal Preperation Photography

We now left the bridal party to finish their wedding preparations in privacy while we made our way into the hotels lounge bar area that had been expertly decorated by the wedding venue dressers. This gave us a perfect opportunity to photograph the ready dressed room, as well as the amazing three tier wedding cake decorated brilliantly with snowflakes and frosting.

We again returned to the bridal party, who were now starting to show a few nerves, to photograph Natalie being fastened into her beautiful white lace wedding dress by her bridesmaids who looked stunning dressed in their navy blue bridesmaid dresses, complete with fur shrugs.

We now travelled the short distance across Cheshire to Sandbach to arrive at the church of St John The Evangelist to await the arrival of the groom Greg. It wasn’t long before we saw the gleaming Bentley that we knew Greg was travelling in to the church. We set about taking some traditional style wedding photography of Greg and his groomsmen with the amazing car. The groomsmen soon made their way into the church to escape the bitter cold that was blowing across the fields adjacent to the church.

Right on time, as the church bells were ringing a white Daimler wedding car arrived outside the church carrying the bridesmaids to the wedding venue. They were all photographed outside the church with the car while they waited for the arrival of Natalie. Soon enough a stunning white Beauford Tourer wedding car arrived, carrying Natalie and her father, who had very bravely arrived with the hood of the car off.  This of course made for some perfect photo opportunities to be included into the newlyweds wedding album.

Sandbach Wedding Photography

The bridal party now made their way into the church for the wedding ceremony to begin. The female vicar provided a lovely service for Greg and Natalie, and they were soon officially named as the new Mr & Mrs Bacchus. The marriage ceremony was now complete, so the whole wedding congregation followed the newlyweds out of the church.

St John The Evangelist Church Sandbach Heath Wedding Photography

It had previously been decided by Natalie and Greg that the Traditional wedding photography was going to be taken back at The Hunters Lodge, as the location of the church meant that it was always blasted by a strong cold wind. The newlyweds travelled back to Crewe in the Beauford wedding car, while sipping on champagne.

Upon arrival back at the Crewe hotel, the newlyweds walked the red carpet to be presented with another glass of champagne to sip, while they greeted their guests.

The Hunters Lodge Hotel Crewe Wedding Photography

Here we set about the traditional wedding photography of the various family groups, all the time trying to keep people inside the warmth of the venue as much as possible. Due to the time of year, it was now starting to get dark, this made for some very atmospheric photographs of the newlyweds and their guests.

It was soon time for the whole congregation to be treated to the wedding breakfast, so we now said our goodbyes to the newlyweds, leaving them to enjoy the rest of their special day.

We would like to wish Greg and Natalie a very long, very happy, and very healthy future together as husband and wife.

We would also like to thank them for choosing us to provide their professional wedding photography for them on their wedding day.

A selection of the photographs from this wedding will be added to my wedding gallery once the proofs have been seen by Greg and Natalie.