Stafford Wedding Photography Of Simon and Alison at The Moat House.

We again returned to The Moat house in Acton Trussell on Saturday 23rd August to provide the professional Stafford wedding Photography for Simon and Alison on their big day. Simon and Alison had chosen this stunning hotel to be their Stafford wedding venue to host their marriage at infront of their family and friends. This is an ideal wedding venue that centres around an old 14th century moated manor house nestled in the Staffordshire countryside on the edge of the famous Cannock Chase. There are endless opportunities for any professional wedding photographer to let their creativeness flow.

We arrived at the Stafford hotel at around 10am as arranged at our pre wedding meeting with the couple, and made our way up to the room that Alison had stayed in the previous night to see how the nerves were holding up for Alison and her four bridesmaids. We found the bridal party to be very excited, but seeming very calm. We set about photographing the shoes and jewellery leaving the bridal party in peace to enjoy the build up to Alisons marriage, while getting ready in each others company.

Alison had booked The A Team van to pick Simon and his groomsmen up from home as a surprise for Simon, so we ventured outside the hotel and into the Stafford sunshine to await his arrival.  It was not very long before we heard the famous A Team theme tune in the distance, so we now knew that our groom Simon would soon be with us. The van roared infront of the hotel, before stopping outside the reception & Simon & his groomsmen emerging into the August sun. Simon and his groomsmen all looked amazing dressed in top hat and tails, complete with walking cane. This scene very obviously needed to be photographed for inclusion into the wedding album, so we posed the group both inside and outside the stunning wedding vehicle for traditional wedding photography of them all.

Stafford Wedding Photography.

It was now time for us to leave Simon to greet the wedding guests that were now starting to arrive, and for us to make Alison the main focus of our camera lenses. We found Alison in her room looking absolutely gorgeous, a true fairy tale bride in her long flowing white wedding dress. We set about photographing Alison, along with her four bridesmaids, who looked stunning dressed in their coral coloured bridesmaid dresses. There are many features inside this hotel that make simply stunning Stafford wedding photography for any bride who chooses to get married here, it really is a wedding photographers dream wedding venue.

Stafford Moat House Wedding Photography

It was now time for the bridal party to make their way over to the Colin Lewis Suite where the marriage ceremony was going to shortly be taking place. The ceremony was filled with fun from Alison and Simon, as well as their guests who obviously were enjoying the event.

Once Simon and Alison had officially been named husband and wife by the Cannock registrars who performed the ceremony, the whole congregation moved outside again in the stunning scenic grounds of this Stafford venue. It was now time for all the traditional wedding photography to take place at various locations using the many features that are in the hotels grounds.

Stafford Wedding Photography

The wedding schedule was controlled by the lovely Ellie, who is one of this venues wedding coordinators, who kept everything running on time, as well as making sure the wedding guests were all treated to canapés, and drinks while they congratulated the newlyweds. It was now time for the wedding congregation to sit down for the speeches before being treated to the three course wedding breakfast. This was our cue to leave the newlyweds in the company of their loved ones to enjoy their afternoon.

We returned to the Stafford Moat House Hotel on the evening to provide the wedding photography of the new Mr and Mrs Mahon as they cut their wedding cake, as well as performed a traditional first dance together, before bursting into a very entertaining dance routine with all of the bridal party.

Wedding Photography at Staffords Moat House Hotel

We would like to wish Simon and Alison a very long, very happy, and very healthy life together as husband and wife, they make a beautiful couple.

We would also like to thank them for choosing Glyn T Jones Photography to provide them with their wedding photography on such a lovely day. It was an honour to be able to share part of the day with you both.

As always a selection of the wedding photography from this wedding will be added to the wedding gallery once they have been viewed by Simon and Alison.