Photography Of Repton Derbyshire Wedding Attended By Ant And Dec

Yesterday 1st June Staffordshire wedding photographer Glyn T Jones travelled to Derbyshire to photograph the wedding of Andy and Charlotte. The venue for the wedding ceremony was to be St Wystans Church in the village of Repton. This was to be followed by a wedding reception at The West Mill in Darley Abbey.

We arrived at the Findern home of the parents of the bride to photograph the bridal preparation of the bride Charlotte along with her eight bridesmaids. Here we were let in to a little secret that only the mother and father of the bride knew, it was going to take place at 11am, to say this shocked and stunned us would be an understatement.  We photographed the bridesmaids as they prepared for their days duties, they all looked amazing dressed in their blue dresses.  Charlotte was now getting into her beautiful fitted white wedding dress, so once she was ready we photographed her being fastened into the dress, as well as have her white veil attached. Charlotte was now finally revealed to her father and bridesmaids for the first time in her wedding dress. Charlotte looked stunning, a true fairytale bride.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography At Findern Home

It was now 11am so as instructed we positioned the bridal party outside the house while I photographed them. A bright red car soon sped up onto the drive beeping its horn loudly, to the shock and excitement to all of the bridal party, the car was being driven by televisions Ant and Dec. The celebrity pair emerged from the car and was instantly mobbed by the bride, and her bridesmaids. Ant and Dec had come to drive the bride and her father to the church for the wedding ceremony to take place. All of this was being filmed by a full television crew for some project that the stars are working on. After greeting the bridal party, Ant and Dec were more than happy to pose for our cameras.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography With Ant and Dec from the T.V

We now left the bridal party in the hands of Ant, Dec and the television crew while we made our way to Repton to await the arrival of bridegroom Andy at the church.

We arrived at St Wystans church to find another television crew had set up to await the arrival of the bride with her special chauffeurs. We set about photographing Andy along with his two bestmen as they posed for our cameras as well as greeting the guests that had started to arrive.  The arriving guests did seem a little bit bemused about a television film crew set up outside the church, but the surprise was not spoilt.

The bridesmaids arrived in a mini bus & we photographed them outside the very grand looking church, while we waited for the arrival of Charlotte.

Charlotte arrived driven by Ant and Dec who got out the car to the amazement of the congregation, before opening the rear doors to help Charlotte out of the car. This made for some very unique wedding photography for the couples wedding album. Once this had been filmed and photographed Charlotte made her way into the church for the marriage ceremony to take place.

The wedding was a lovely service, with solo singing from one of the bridesmaids as well as readings form other members of the congregation. Andy and Charlotte were introduced to the congregation as the brand new Mr and Mrs Astle, before leading the large congregation back outside into the church grounds. As the bridal party exited the church they were treated to a cheerleader style guard of honour from dance students that Charlotte teaches. At the end of the guard of honour complete with their pom  poms stood Ant and Dec.

The traditional wedding photography now took place, as well as a heavy showering of confetti over the newlyweds.

Some more television filming also took place, however Ant and Dec still posed with Andy and Charlotte for our cameras, as well as for the T.V crew. Once this was over the celebrity pair along with the film crew left the area to allow the wedding to carry on normally.

wedding photography with Ant and Dec at St Wystans Church in Repton

Andy and Charlotte now travelled sipping champagne in a beautiful Imperial wedding car to Darley Abbey to their waiting guests at The West Mill. They arrived in style in the wedding car with the back section of the roof removed.

Derbyshire wedding photography at The West Mill in Darley Abbey

We now set about capturing some more formal wedding photography of the various family groups, using the old mill, as well as the enormous river weir as a backdrop. Andy and Charlotte now posed together for a few romantic wedding portraits for our cameras while their guests were entertained inside the venue by a singer.

The whole congregation now were called for the wedding breakfast followed by the formal traditional speeches from various members of the congregation.

At around 7pm the evening wedding guests had started to arrive, and were greeted by the newlywed couple.

It was all too soon 7.45pm, this was the time that Andy and Charlotte were to be called out in front of all their guests to cut their five tier wedding cake made entirely from cheese. Once the cake cutting had been photographed by us, as well as all the guests, it was time for the newlyweds to take to the dance floor. The traditional first dance was performed expertly to the tune provided by a live band that had set up just off the dance floor.

Newlyweds first dance at The West Mill in Darley Abbey Derbyshire

After we had photographed as the dance floor filled as the party got started, and all of the wedding guests enjoying themselves it was time for us to leave, to allow Andy and Charlotte, along with their guests to party hard into the night.

We would like to wish Andy and Charlotte a very long, very happy and very healthy life together as husband and wife.

We would also like to thank them for choosing us to be their official wedding photographers on such an important and amazing day.

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